June 2019

Liturgical Press to Acquire Little Rock Scripture Study

The Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas, announces the sale of its groundbreaking and renowned Little Rock Scripture Study (LRSS) to longtime partner Liturgical Press. Little Rock Scripture Study and Liturgical Press have promoted biblical literacy in a partnership dating back more than thirty years. The change in ownership is effective at the end of June, coincident with the retirement of Cackie (Catherine) Upchurch, longtime director of LRSS.

Bishop Anthony Taylor said changes in the Church and in publishing prompted him to evaluate how best to support the LRSS ministry. “Our primary concern is to do what is best for the apostolate,” he said. “This extraordinary diocesan ministry grew out of a hunger for the Word of God among Catholics in Little Rock who wanted to emulate their Protestant neighbors’ deep knowledge and love of Scripture. It quickly grew to become a mainstay for Catholics in the United States and beyond. This change in ownership enables Liturgical Press to respond quickly to the needs of Catholic parishes and individuals.”

Liturgical Press director, Peter Dwyer, said the Press is honored to take on the continuation of LRSS. “Little Rock Scripture Study has been a very fruitful program of education and inspiration for Catholics. We are grateful to have been a partner to the diocese for so many years and hope to continue this Spirit-filled work for many more years.”

Amy Ekeh of Milford, Connecticut, will serve as the director of Little Rock Scripture Study as it moves forward. Amy has been an important part of the LRSS staff since the start of 2018. Lilly Hess, longtime associate director, will continue to work with the video productions and will be a continuing resource in the Diocese of Little Rock.

For more information, contact:

Peter Dwyer, Liturgical Press (320-363-2533)


Cackie Upchurch, Little Rock (501-664-6102)