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Little Rock Scripture Study Historical Timeline
1962−1965 Second Vatican Council opens calls for an openness to Scripture in the lives of ordinary Catholics.
1973 Fred and Tammy Woell meet with others in the Diocese of Little Rock to develop a Catholic Bible study program for lay people.
1974 September 9, Little Rock Scripture Study offered to 150 people gathered in Little Rock to study The Acts of the Apostles.
1975 August 23, first leadership training day offering to parishes throughout the Diocese of Little Rock.
1976 The Acts of the Apostles and The Gospel According to Mark printed in booklet form, with audio lectures produced to accompany the studies.
Advisory board formed in the summer to assist in the growth of this Bible ministry.
1977 Bishop Andrew McDonald of Little Rock promotes Little Rock Scripture Study (LRSS) as the official adult education program in the diocese beginning in the fall.
1978 First Scripture Study retreat for parish leaders in Arkansas.
June 1, Little Rock Scripture Study becomes an office of the Diocese of Little Rock.
Team from Little Rock began offering Leadership Training for LRSS to dioceses around the country.
1982 LRSS produces first video wrap-up lectures and advertises in national publications.
1983 LRSS exhibits at the Lay Evangelization Conference in New Orleans, the first of many regional and national conferences that will be attended over the years.
1984 Fall celebration of the 10th anniversary of LRSS. Mass at St. John Center in Little Rock, home of the diocesan offices.
1985 July marks the start of the official partnership between the Diocese of Little Rock and Liturgical Press, with national marketing and distribution.
1987 First LRSS Informational Video produced.
1988 Scripture Seminars offered at four locations in the Diocese of Little Rock during the spring season.
July debut of the LRSS Newsletter.
1990 Inauguration of summer Bible Institute, open to people from around the country. Fr. Carroll Stuhlmueller presented “The Psalms Within Prayer and Ministry Today.”
See complete list of yearly speakers here.
1991 Launch of LRSS for Young Adults which was discontinued in 2003.
1993 Launch of LRSS for Children which was discontinued in 2001.
Published Facilitating for Growth by Barbara Fleischer for ongoing facilitator training.
1994 Éstudio Bíblico de Little Rock begins publication after several years of focus groups.
Leadership Training revised and published in English and Spanish.
LRSS 20th anniversary Mass and workshop at St. John Center in Little Rock.
Pilgrimage to Israel and Rome.
1998 LRSS enters agreement with Petrie Catholic Community in Australia (“Little Rock Down Under”) to distribute and promote LRSS in the region.
1999 On the Web:
25th anniversary of LRSS with outdoor Mass, dinner and concert featuring John Michael Talbot at St. John Center in Little Rock.
2005 Publication of A Year of Sundays: Gospel Reflections, first in English and then in Spanish in 2006. Both editions ran through 2013.
2008 Began producing regular series of articles, Spanish and English, on various biblical topics for each year. Ongoing and available at our website for free use.
2009 Publication of The Four Gospels: Catholic Study Edition from LRSS.
2011 LRSS publishes the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible with the assistance of several renowned Catholic biblical scholars.
Newsletter, Stepping Stones, moved to online version.
2015 Newsletter, now titled Little Rock Connections, moved to monthly posting at the LRSS website.
25th anniversary of the annual Bible Institute.
2016 Launch of a new series of books emphasizing biblical spirituality, Alive in the Word, for use by individuals or in groups.
2018 Little Rock Scripture Study Reimagined! launched in the fall, reformatting and streamlining the materials for an even better experience.