The Gospel According to Luke, Part One - DVD

The Gospel According to Luke, Part One - DVD

Michael Patella, OSB, with Little Rock Scripture Study Staff

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The Gospel of Luke demonstrates the universal nature of Jesus' mission and the compassion of God. Part One of this study includes Luke 1:1—11:54, taking the reader from the infancy narratives of John the Baptist and Jesus to their births and then to the Galilean ministry of Jesus. Commentary, study and reflection questions, prayers and access to recorded lectures are included. 6 sessions.

Michael F. Patella, OSB, SSD, is professor of New Testament at the School of Theology at Saint John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota. He is the author of Angels and Demons: A Christian Primer of the Spiritual World and Word and Image: The Hermeneutics of The Saint John's Bible (Liturgical Press). He is a contributor to The Bible Today and Give Us This Day published by Liturgical Press.

Little Rock Scripture Study is a ministry of the Diocese of Little Rock in partnership with Liturgical Press and has produced widely used and effective Bible study materials for adults for over forty years.

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Publication Date: 08/27/2018