Coronavirus Update: Click here for LRSS Resources for a time of social distancing. We are open and are shipping orders placed by phone or on our website.

LRSS Resources for a time of social distancing

This has been a challenging time for our Bible study groups. Many of you were in the middle of spring or Lent studies, and have either had to postpone your study or get creative to find ways to remain connected! We hope the resources below may help as we navigate this time together. Please feel free to print or share these resources.

Note about viewing lectures together: For those meeting online using Zoom, Skype, or another service, there are a few ways your group can watch the video lectures together.

For lectures that are available online (New Editions): One person in the group can “share screen” with the rest of the group and can start the online lecture on their own computer. All others in the group will then see and hear the lecture as well. Alternatively, the lectures can be viewed individually after your online session.

For lectures available on DVD (Classic Studies): If one person in the group has a DVD player built into their computer or can purchase an external DVD drive (can be purchased online for around $20-30), that person can “share screen” and show the DVD on his or her computer, which will allow everyone in the group to see the DVD lecture on their own computers as well. Alternatively, your group can still enjoy a fruitful study without the lecture component for now. Once social distancing restrictions are lifted, your group could meet several times and view the lectures together.