Do you wonder how to address "hot topic" biblical issues that Catholics often encounter? Each of the following topics is addressed in a double-sided, full-color insert perfect for parish bulletins or handouts. This insert is free for parish use.

Individuals can even follow up to find out more by reading an informative free online essay that includes a few study and application questions. Individuals or groups may use this material, usually in one sitting.

The Rapture

Today, many Catholics have been caught up in the popular hype that all "true" Christians will soon disappear from earth in a "Rapture." This essay examines biblical interpretations behind this curious doctrine and encourages Catholics to faithfully study the Bible.
Read What the Bible Says About the Rapture

Six Days to Create the World

This essay carefully examines the historical, literary, and cultural settings of the first biblical creation story (Genesis 1:1-2:4). As Catholics, we can be assured that science is no threat to faith and at the same time find new and challenging truth about God the Creator.
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Being Born Again

This essay gives biblical encouragement to Catholics to grow in our own personal awareness of God’s saving love in Jesus Christ, which is our heritage through the sacrament of baptism. Is this the same as being born again?
Read What the Bible Says About Being Born Again